A few Tips for How to Make Your Exhibition Stand Successful

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Throughout the time, we have racked up a considerable amount of experience chipping away at some stunning exhibition spaces, whether that is working together with an organization, specifier or end-client.

Our Modular System can be utilized to make bespoke, outwardly invigorating stands that are anything but easy to reconfigure and considerably easier to install.

Below we describe few tips for how to make your stand a success:-

Brief Description

Continuously brief your group. Never give anyone a chance to swing up to your stand without knowing why they’re there and what key focuses you need to get crosswise over at that specific event.

It doesn’t need to be entangled; however a few key focuses about your organization and the items you’re showing/services you’re offering go far.


Set targets. In what capacity will you know whether it’s been a success generally?

These targets objectives can be anything from amount of guests to the stand, leads filtered, and orders processed – simply have something to quantify against or you’ll battle to persuade those with the satchel strings that it was all justified.

Follow Ups

Follow up those who’ve been sufficiently thoughtful to give you a chance to sweep them or hand over their business card or inquiry. If they request for information, send it very soon.

If you don’t hear back at initially, second, third or fourth time catching up – DON’T GIVE UP, because 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes”. The greatest error exhibitors make does not understand the gold dust they return home with and leaving prompts go icy, or losing them in travel from the exhibition back to the workplace.

Engagement Techniques

Consider unheard of options. Guests can be careful about ceasing at exhibition stands remains inspired by a paranoid fear of being screwed over thanks to a salesman who won’t give them a chance to get away, or get a second to speak. LISTEN before you talk! Let guests decide to draw in with you if you’re enchanting grin doesn’t win them over at first. Games, seating areas, food & drink and really inventive spaces offer a retreat for guests from different exhibitors – giving the ideal chance to a discussion.

Pick the Right Space and What To Do With It

Exhibit in a region and pick a space that is significant for your both, your financial plan and gathering of people, then expand it. Use graphics that transcend different stands to get consideration, lighting to improve item displays and (maybe above all) don’t stuff the stand with your own particular workers!

Modular Systems can make astonishing shapes that can change contingent upon the measure of your exhibition space. Bended stands with fabric or strong infill boards can join with lit up signage to grab the attention of guests.


The people you decide to speak to you on your stand are everything. Pick them shrewdly. People that know the business back to front and can normally connect with guests (without the salespitch!) are a need.

Promotional Items

This may sound somewhat straightforward – however dependably check your writing! You’d be astonished how frequently old pamphlets are brought to shows with outdated data and unimportant subject material. Far and away superior, if you can, create something bespoke for the crowd you’ll be elevating to at the exhibition.

Everybody cherishes a decent give away. Most wind up in the bottom of the exhibition lobby container or with the children of guests. Give them something they’ll need to keep and utilize on numerous occasions. Something they can continue their work areas or that they’ll simply discover helpful. Consider you guest profiles and what they like – and in case you’re seeing somebody uncommon that has been prearranged, customize it. Going the additional mile has a tremendous impact.

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