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International business networking events and exhibitions are an incredible route for your company to add to a comprehension of new markets and make the associations expected to export effectively.

Therefore Exhibition is a place where people meeting their business contacts face-to-face for building trust and developing strong relationships.

Spark International  provides their astounding exhibition management services at the exhibition events such as Autumn Trade Fair 2016 Exhibition, Weddex Muscat 2016 Exhibition, Oman Office Show 2016 Exhibition, Global Consumer Fair 2016 Exhibition And Taadeen Mining Expo 2016 Exhibition to name a few.

Spark International has expertise in exhibition stand building and we also have exhibition stands contracts for the Middle East and Oman’s Exhibition. We are expert in exhibition stand designing and we also offer exhibition event management services in Oman.

We give complete exhibition stand solutions for distinctive kind of occasions like Conference, Exhibitions, and Business event. In technical terms, Exhibition Stand Construction also knows as exhibition stand fabrication.

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  1. Good Day!
    We will be having an event in Oman on the 28th February to 1st March 2018.
    We will be needing shell scheme, 300sqm made of aluminum.
    Each booth (6 sqm, for the 12sqm it should be 2 times the amount , 18 3 times the amount….etc. ) will have the following
    Each booth will have the following:
    · Fascia Name
    1 Reception Counter
    1 Table
    2 Chairs
    Track Lights
    Please quote me per booth for the standard shell scheme and the upgraded/branded booth, consider 3 branded walls per booth (for the branding we are looking for 5mm foam to be printed on and then we put it up in the booths), you can use the table below if this will make it easier.
    Size Standard shell scheme booth cost (A) For each upgraded/branded booth (3 sides closed) – (B) Total cost for a upgraded booth with standard shell scheme ( A+B)
    6 sqm
    12 sqm
    18 sqm
    24 sqm
    I would also need you furniture list/catalogue with picture and price included furniture list.
    Thank you.

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