The 3nd International Exhibition of Banking, Insurance and Investment opportunity in Kish 2016 ( 31 October – 3 November 2016) Kish Island,Iran

Date:  31 October – 3  November 2016
 Venue:   Kish International Exhibitions Center, Kish Island,Iran

The simultaneous holding of the 8th International Exhibition and Summit for Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities and 3nd Kish International Exhibition and Summit of Exchange, Banking, Insurance Privatization between 9th and 12th of November 2015 in Kish Island.

As we are preparing for organizing Kish INVEX 2016, we are witnessing signs of improvements emerging in the global economy after more than ten years of daunting economic challenges. According to most analysts, world gross product is forecast to grow at a good pace of in  2016.

As regards with Foreign Direct Investments, developed economies are still the main source of Investment. However, growing markets are becoming significant investors in their own right, as observed in the last few years, and are likely to reinforce the long-term trend of greater participation by their global enterprises.

Transnational corporations, the main drivers of FDI, are a powerful and effective means to disseminate technology from developed to growing markets, and represent a major source of new and innovative technologies that are usually not available through the market. Hence the race to attract such investments by a large number of countries around the globe and regions within countries.

Iran has also realized the benefits that FDI can bring to accelerate growth and development to its economy as it allows the transfer of technology and higher-end industries. In its 10 yearly economic, political, and social development vision plan, Iran has been depicted as a developed country with the first economic, scientific, and technologic place in the region holding a strong and efficient interaction in international relations in 2016.

International summits and exhibitions can facilitate networking and put brilliant investment opportunities in the direction of potential investors. With this in mind, Kish INVEX focusing on energy, tourism, housing and urban planning, and development will present the investment capacities and opportunities and economically viable projects to national and international investors.

The simultaneous holding of The Seventh International Exhibition and Summit for Presenting Investment Opportunities in Iran, and Kish Second International Exhibition and Summit on Stock Exchange, Banks, Insurances, has provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to make the most of this event.


 Sectors Involved       

Agriculture & Agribusiness


Commodities & Trading


Education & Research Centers


Finance, Banking and Insurance

Free Zone Management


Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Information Technology




Law & Legal Affairs



Marine & Submarine



Real Estate & Property


Stock Exchange

Tourism & Hospitality


Waste Management.

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