Household Appliances 2016 (November 26-29, 2016) Tehran , Iran

 Date:  November 26-29, 2016
 Venue:   Tehran , Iran

Exhibition history forum

The Association of the Industries of Home Appliances of Iran is an
organization with purposeful, effective activities with a record of more than 3 decades enjoying common sense and Knowledge-based comprehensive management. This organization passed the process of organizational and evolutionary development under the names of “Council of Manufacturers of Gas Appliances and LPG Cylinder” and “Council of Gas Industries and Home Appliances” and at the present time, it continues its activities under the name of “The Association of the Industries of Home Appliances of Iran”.
The Association of Household Appliances of Iran started its activities with executing of commercial exhibitions in January 1984 participation in “DaheFajr” exhibition of Islamic Revolution achievements, and participation in the commercial international exhibition in 16 days from 1984 up to 2000.
It is worth mentioning that the association established an exclusive salon in the western side of the space of International Exhibitions of Tehran based on contracts concluded with Iran Export Development Center in 1984 to establish the booths for the relevant industries which was held until the 15th International Exhibition of
Tehran in 1989; and an exclusive salon (Salon No. 60) was established in the space of Exhibition of Tehran in 1991 and this salon operated since the 17th Commercial International Exhibition of Tehran in 1991 until the 2nd Exhibition in 1996.
planning, organizing, execution and participation of the factories manufacturing Home Appliances of Iran in the Demotechnique Cologne Germany in 1992, which received attention from the authorities of Cologne Exhibition and the economic and industrial authorities and Duchle Radio of Germany interviewed with the secretary general of the association about holding this exhibition and broadcasted it twice.
Programming, organizing and participating in the first cooperative exhibition in February 1986, two specialized export exhibition of Heating and Cooling held in 1993 and 1994, exhibition of Exported goods held in June 1998, the first and second International Exhibition of Home Appliances of held in 2001 and 2002, Specialized Export Exhibition of Gas Industries held in September 2003, 3rd International Exhibition of Home Appliances held in January2004, 4th and 5th held in January 2005 and January 2006, 6th held in January 2007, 7th in November 2007, 8th in November 2008, 9th held in November 2009, 10th in November 2010, 11th in October 2011, 12th in October 2012, 13th in Jan 2013,14 th international Exhibition of Home Appliance in2014 and finally planning to hold the 15th in Jan 2015. Moreover, the association had a more active and effective in the industrial-commercial exclusive exhibition of Islamic Republic of Iran held in Syria in January 2008 and this association participated in the 58th International Exhibition of Damascus held in June 2011, as a Catalog Show as well.

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