The WADAEF JOB FAIR 2016 (11-14 October 2016) Al Rakah ,Saudi Arabia

 Date:  11-14 October 2016
 Venue:   Dhahran International Exhibition Center- Al Rakah ,Saudi Arabia

About the exhibition

Location: Dhahran International Exhibition Center- Al Rakah

Days : From Sunday to Wednesday

Date : 11-14 October 2015

28 Dhu Al-Hijjah to 1 Muharram 1437

Time :10 am – 2 pm and 4 pm – 8 pm

Audience : Sunday-Monday-Tuesday (Men)

:Wednesday (Families)


Employing qualified and adequate number of people is needed to maintain the continuous growth of the national economy as well as the expansion of businesses. There are numerous means available to target a huge number of job-seekers. One such effective and efficient means conducting a job fair.

Job fairs are one of the important means by which business owners can search and recruit qualified locals. The WADAEF JOB FAIR, an initiative from the Asharqia Chamber, aims to allow businesses owners and human resources officials to meet with a large number of recent graduates and job seekers and to select the best candidates of these two groups.

The WADAEF JOB FAIR is an opportunity for the job seekers and recent graduates to compete with each other in order for the participate companies to choose the best out of these groups of people. On the other hand , the Job Fair will also provide job seekers with a chance to choose a career that meets their ambitions, capabilities and interests.


WADAEF JOB FAIR aims to be the optimal option of linking job seekers with business owners in the Eastern Province.


ASHARQIA CHAMBER would continue to serve as one of the fundamental and major supporters of the Saudization policy by providing citizens with job opportunities

Aim of the event

Support the efforts of nationalizing jobs

Highlight the role of the business sector in creating job opportunities for Saudi citizens

Provide business needs for Saudi employees

Act as a liaison among the business sector, employment and training providers

Exchanging experiences and best practices between the participants in the field of human resource management and employment

Create an atmosphere of awareness and the development of vocational skills and abilities for the job seekers through the proper planning for their future careers especially in the choice of specialization and the profession best suited to their qualifications and abilities.

To promote the concept of professional culture among the society


Benefits of participating

Participating in the job fair will minimize the amount of time and effort needed by the job seekers in the process of applying for jobs

Job fair will allow companies to receive a large number of job seekers which is estimated to 20,000 visitors during the 4-day job fair

To introduce to the job seekers the nature of business conducted by participating companies and as well as the job opportunities offered by those companies

Participants will be able to exchange knowledge in the fields of human resources, training and recruiting

To create a database of job seekers’ applications in order to fill in future job vacancies

To expand the company’s brand image and generate goodwill

Companies participation in the job fair is one way to accomplish their goals with regard to training, development and employment of the Saudi citizens

Recognizing the participants, experts and officials by their efforts to provide employment to either Saudi male or female job seekers

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