Hanging Truss Rental


At Spark International, we offer the clients a full range of hanging truss equipment with distinct character. To align across different taste, theme and budget we offer a wide range of simple as well as intricate hanging truss. As an ambitious Stand company Dubai, the Quality, price and relevance are perfectly matched to confirm the best quality standards.

Our lightweight yet sophisticated hanging truss can confidently support lights, TV, banners and a number of other presentations. We are trusted by a fair number of corporate clients as an innovative Exhibition stand company Dubai. Our simple truss frameworks are especially designed to offer security and safety without compromising on the style. Keeping in mind your convenience we may also offer the conveyance and setup services if required.

We are well aware of the practical hassles associated with finding the most relevant companies offering best Exhibition stands Dubai.  So we offer consultancy services too. Our insightful consultancy also allows you to make a 1-time, purchase that won’t require you to repeatedly source other elements to meet constructions details. It offers you a better control of your budget.

Truss Structure
We offer you the well-crafted truss displays that combine the blend of quality, functionality and ease of setup. Our high quality standards ensure that right from the material till the aesthetics, everything should have a theme-specific character.

Truss Installation
Various tasks like lighting and sound, fixing, cabling and technical system is taken care of by our proficient manpower. Premium services are a prerequisite for all our manpower and truss installation is not an exception here.

Truss Electrical Fitting with Lights
Our versatile administrational capabilities in stage lighting equipment and venue foundation prove to be an unparallel asset that allies functionality and professional appeal for the maximum impact booth for your inside and outside ambiance of your event.

Wooden Structure outside Truss Structure
Right from material to design and fabrications we assure you the best blend of practical approach and latest trends in Exhibition Stands UAE is witnessing currently. We also offer the sourcing services for wooden truss structure while strictly adhering to the best quality standards.

Our Approach

  • We first conduct a meeting with our clients to know about their aesthetic objectives and special functional requirements. It helps us to select the best hanging truss for the clients. Unlike any other Stand designer Dubai, our meetings are not just formal corporate rituals. They are detailed, insightful and really rewarding.
  • Our master project administrator then analyzes the entire project to confirm the practical possibility of the things. The administrators bridge the communication between clients and our creative team to ensure that the best designs should be offered to the clients without compromising on the practically, safety or budget.
  • Once the decision is finalized the blueprint is presented to the client for the final approval. Only after getting the approval o the client we start the set up process of hanging truss tithe venue. Once your event is over our team will visit the venue and dismantle the hanging truss in a timely manner.
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