Shell Scheme Upgrade Rental


Shell Scheme Upgrade Rental by Spark international is one of its kind arrangement that aims at patching the gap between a standard shell scheme exhibition space and a full-fledged customized exhibit.

This innovative rental structure lifts up the limitations of exhibitors by allowing them a tailor-made display that offers the state of the art space at just fraction of expenses needed for a standard custom built stand.

This revolutionary model offers the perfect mix of standard and customizable features. The Shell scheme printing services recessed in standard divider segments offers great flexibility to the exhibitors while the stands alone exhibits and audio visual towers with branded light boxes add a perfect riot of special effects.

Audio Video

We offer you the most suitable audio video equipment to akin with your event requirement and the theme. These equipments are carefully chosen to offer your event a wholesome character and making them stands out in the crowd of various other corporate events in the town.

Customized displays

Our customized displays are exquisitely designed to offer your event an international appeal. These displays are fabricated using the latest technology and keeping in mind the latest trends. But we go beyond! We try to instil a unique element in the overall fabrications of these displays so that your event can command a distinct place in the audiences’ mind.

Flooring Solutions

We also offer flooring solutions in order to redefine the overall visual ambiance of your event. Our flooring solutions can range from a simple raised platform to the more complex designer solutions encompassing the creativity and innovation.

Display Units

We offer carefully designed display units so that you can confidently showcase your new products during your product launching ceremony. Irrespective of the size, shape and visual appeal of the product, our product displays will give an exalted position and placement to your fresh products. Media-friendly, photogenic and professional, our display stands will leave just the right impression on your audience. In order to further enhance the impact we also offer sophisticated, customized Printing for exhibitions.



Our Approach

  • Once the client decides to utilize our schema services, we arrange a detailed meeting with the client in order to understand their specific requirement and industry details. Our project management team prepares a complete set of prerequisite based on the customer’s requirements, budget and time frame.
  • Our creative team then start working on the sophisticated planning to ensure that you should get the best suitable creative solutions depending upon your requirements. Here a more detailed and multi-aspect review of your requirements is carried out by the different members of creative tea, to ensure the best delivery. The blue print of your project is prepared at this stage. At this stage the client is told about various aspects like Exhibition graphic printing, management services, hiring Dubai exhibition booth furniture, and other details.
  • Once the client approves the blue print the creative team then divides the entire process into different phases so as to ensure the timely delivery of the entire project. A sufficient margin is left for responding to any nth hour issue.
  • The final work involves collaboration between creative team and ground staff that work hand in hand to retain the creative aspect of the project while taking care of practical concerns. At this stage a mock-up is being erected in our warehouse.
  • Once the mock-up is ready, we then invite the client to review the project. After the client apples the project we then finally proceed to erect the stand on the venue. Once the stand is erected on the venue and aligns with the final objectives of the client, only then the delivery is made and transaction is completed.
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