Shell Scheme Booth Upgrade

Shell scheme booth - Probus
Shell scheme booth - Care Inn
Shell scheme booth - JFR Medical
Shell scheme booth - Katsan

Unleash your creativity within a shell scheme to showcase your products and brands uniquely. Spark Innovations can transform a simple shell scheme to align with exhibitors’ objectives. Our experienced team excels in utilizing available spaces and proposing tailored solutions to meet your needs. Through digital vinyl printing or seamless 5MM foam-based printing, we create booths with a simple yet impactful change.

Our shell scheme designs optimize every inch of space with high-quality graphics, self-standing podiums, display counters, audio-visuals, and furniture, ensuring your brand stands out.

Shell Scheme Booth Upgrade services are very useful for any of the participants or exhibitors who want to make these stands look better than just a normal shell booth. By adding in small utilities like a raised floor with carpet, display showcases , additional furniture , plants, TV or LED screens, and even 3D logos on the wall, all these make the stand look more attractive.

With our services, your blank shell scheme can be turned into a meaningful and impressive booth, delivering an outstanding experience to visitors. At Spark, we provide a full Shell Scheme Booth Upgrade Dubai service at a reasonable price.

Some of the common services used for shell scheme upgrades are:

  • Graphics Printing for Booth Walls
  • Furniture Rental
  • Reception Counters Rental
  • Product Display Showcases Renting
  • TV Rental
  • Exhibition Equipment Rental

Shell Scheme Booth Upgrade includes

Booth Branding/Printing
Custom Furniture
TV Rental
Platform/Carpet Flooring
Light Box / 3D MDF Logos

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