Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental

Spark Innovations is one of the most innovative exhibition stand builder Dubai has ever seen. We provide a wide collection of exquisite Furniture rental for exhibitions in Dubai. We adhere to the highest standards of quality benchmarks while selecting the perfect furniture collection that suits the mood of the event and adds a distinct level of liveliness to the entire event. Right from selection to arrangement, display and scheduling each single stage display the highest professional standards.

Due to our vast geographical knowledge of various exhibition venues across Dubai and Middle East we can promise the timely delivery of furniture to just any location you need it. It makes us the most relevant contestant of you wishes to hire furniture for exhibition Dubai. Our vast inventory of furniture masterpieces combined with our innovative appeal for selection and arrangements invites you to enjoy an extraordinary experience. With us your events become talk of the town.

Our vast furniture inventory includes a number of categories like tables, chairs, sears, Dubai exhibition booth furniture and display specific furniture. Being a dedicated Stand builder Dubai, we are aware of the customized furniture requirements and provide extensive bespoke furniture solutions made fresh to meet your visual requirements. We are closely acquainted with various practical hurdles while deciding the right type of furniture and can offer you a valuable guidance right from conceptual stage to the final process. Our experience of working across a number of different budgets and requirements helps us to keep the prices under control while maintaining the quality standards.

Spark Innovations Groups is staffed with the best industry brains talents and boasts of a fresh, unparalleled appeal when it comes to the organization and maintenance of an exhibition or event. Our versatile manpower’s experience spans across various geographical regions and a number of businesses. It has resulted in a true form of internationalization in our approach and gave us an identity of a fresh exhibition and event company Dubai.


We Offer:

  • Single and 2-seater Sofas
    We offer highest quality so single and double seater sofa that is especially checked for its convenience, comfort and best sitting experience. Novel in looks and innovative in appeal, this sofa is especially suited for the long events and promises a pleasant experience to the audience during long hours.
  • Bar Chair and Brochure holder
    The rocking style and revolutionary appeal defines our vast inventory of Bar Chair and Brochure holder. Selected after a creative brainstorming session and strategically arranged to lift up the mood of the presentation while accentuating your ideal objectives, the Brochure holder and Bar Chair promise you the best experience and plays an active role in giving a distinct character t your event
  • Coffee and Meeting tables
    Coffee and Meeting tables can rightly be called the style statements that define your industry reputation, appeal and professionalism. So, we do invest required attention while finding the best pieces for coffee and meeting tables that define your brand align well with your objectives.
  • Bespoke Furniture masterpieces
    No matter how wide the collection of standard furniture items is, there is always an element of individuality that you would like to ad by customizing the furniture for meting your special event specific needs. For that we offer the bespoke furniture designing solutions. Our creative team is proactively involved with you in the entire process of selecting the best design, workmanship details and style status. As a pioneer Stand designer Dubai we do our best to convert your dreams into reality.