Ayadin Exhibition Booth At Gulfood By Spark Innovations

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    Spark Innovations is the Top Choice for GULFOOD Exhibition 2024

    Gulfood had a grand opening after a long-awaited event, in 2024, post covid best thing ever can happen to the Food Industry, because the industry which is most affected due to covid is hotels and restaurants. This event gave a new life to the future-forward industry, It has planned its new edition for 20th to 24th February 2023. Get ready with Spark Innovation to design your stand. Exhibition stands are the backbone of any trade show. There are many companies that can supply stands for exhibitions, however, only a handful of companies can do it well and provide you with high-quality stand services.

    Spark Innovations is one of those companies and is able to build custom exhibition stands for all of your necessities. We have been in the exhibition stand-building business for many years now, so we have the expertise and understanding of how to help you with your customized exhibition stand. We can build anything from a simple exhibition stand to modular stands. We can design your customized stand as your requirement so that we can fit your brand image exactly what it is to the show.

    Gulfood exhibition provides an ideal platform for businesses involved in every area of the food and beverage industry to both sources and showcase their products and services. If you need to change your stand builder simply update your display and add the name Spark Innovation to call, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

    We have a large selection of stands and other services to match your requirements and complete all its tasks on time. We are always approaching to have good and healthy relations with our clients which ensures the results will be desired on both hands.

    The most important part of the exhibition is your stand and proper display of the products. With us as a team of professional exhibition stand builders. This will not be a problem at all, and you will end up with a stand that you can rely on to the end, as well as be sure to make the maximum outcome while making a good amount of profit from it. A good exhibition stand will also draw the attention of your desired visitors, ensuring that all your marketing efforts are a success.

    Event Date::

    19 – 23 February 2024

    Event Name:



    INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions


    DWTC, Dubai

    Our services for exhibition are as follows:

    • Custom Stand Fabrication
    • Graphics Printing and Installation
    • Furniture Rental
    • TV / LCD Rental
    • Shell Scheme Upgrade
    • Hostess and Exhibition Staff

    And many more as the clients require. Because we understand the outlying of our customer as we have worked closely with the exhibition in past few years which makes us the best choice. To make us a part of your journey, call or WhatsApp on +971-529001855, or email us at

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